Nerd Boy Becomes My Spit Slave Pov Nerd Boy Becomes My Spit Slave Pov
Nov 06, 2022 0   346

Nerd Boy Becomes My Spit Slave Pov


I noticed you have been starring at me for many days, so I decided to invite you to come to my place. You arrive a little shy, I tell you to be cool and sit down. I tell you the starring has been a little creepy and that you'll have to do as I say otherwise I'll tell everybody that you are a weirdo. I tell you to remove your clothes and get on your knees. I start to tease you with my body as I remove my clothes, I tell you to open your mouth and start to spit in it. I ride your cock (virtual) and keep spitting in your mouth and dirty talking. You cum in my pussy as I ordered, and I make you clean my pussy up. At the end, I tell you to get the fuck out of my place and stop starring at me.

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