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Nov 11, 2022 0   520

Lingerie Store


I work in a lingerie store. A boy arrives looking for lingerie for his girlfriend. I show him the different sets we have in the store. Different shapes and colors. I see that the boy is interested and I offer him to model the lingerie on my body. He gladly accepts. His girlfriend is not going to find out about this. My beautiful body models all the lingerie. It's a better body than his girlfriend's. A big ass, big boobs. His girlfriend is a loser. I begin to notice an erection under her pants. I want to help with that and start giving him a good blowjob. I shove her cock deep down my throat. Do you want me to ride you a little? My big ass can crush you. I love how good her cock feels. I want him to cum inside me. I ride his cock until he cums. Which lingerie do you want to buy? I hope it looks good on your girlfriend's body. None of these happened.

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