Christmas Morning With My Stepmom Christmas Morning With My Stepmom
Nov 21, 2022 0   492

Christmas Morning With My Stepmom


STARRING CRYSTAL CLARK! THIS IS A POV, VIRTUAL TABOO FUCK VIDEO It was Christmas morning when my Stepmom Crystal crept into my bedroom. She woke me up to give me my Christmas present before leaving to pick my dad up from the airport. She teased me to open my gift, and to my surprise it was a pair of tight boxer briefs. Crystal was so excited about them, she swore ALL the girls at my college would think they’re “cute”. But, I scoffed at her excitement because, girls have never seen my underwear before….I havn’t even had sex yet. This sent Crystal back, she was stunned I hadn’t been sexual active yet considering all the porn and playboys I scroll. She teased about spying on me in the shower, and said to not be embarrassed she’s my step mom after all. She told me to show her my cock, and depending on what it looks like she could teach me a thing or two about sex. So, I lifted the covers and revealed my cock to her. Wow! Crystal said, “your cock is even bigger than your fathers”. I don’t think she was expecting my cock to be so big, and I could see her getting hot and bothered by it. I asked her for those lessons she talked about and if my cock could handle sex. She said “DEFINITELY, in fact….maybe I should help you with your first time”; I couldn’t believe my ears as she said it then dropped her robe revealing the sexy Christmas lingerie she wore to pick my dad up from the airport!! She climbed on the bed, and started sucking my cock before hopping on to take my virginity. Wow, I never new pussy could feel so good let alone my hot step moms pussy!! She road my cock, tits bouncing in my face and she loved how thick and long it was. She screamed and moaned as she road me like a bronco. Crystal wanted to give me a full lesson, so she changed positions so I could watch her amazing ass bounce on my dick. Crystal is so hot, I really cant believe this is happening! Its the best Christmas present ever! She turned back around to ride me hard until she started begging for my virgin cum inside her. As she begged she couldn’t help but orgasm all over my dick and then I came so hard inside her, holy fuck. She quickly gathered her clothes because now she will definitely be late to the airport….sorry dad. What an amazing way to wake up on Christmas day….who new I would be losing my virginity but I guess its a Christmas miracle.

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