Just Twerk Just Twerk
Nov 28, 2022 0   165

Just Twerk


"Full visible angle, naked and unedited. You have been taken hostage by the enemy and have no choice but to follow orders. I need you to do two different poses and Twerk. The two poses are in the attached image. Pose 1: Clasp your hands behind your head and lower your hips so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. The image shows you wearing shoes, but please stand barefoot and on your toes. In this pose, slowly count down aloud from 30 to 0. Your legs will wobble and shake, but you are very strong, so pretend to be calm and glare at the camera. Pose 2: Similar to Pose 1, but turn around and stick your hips out. Spread your hips with both hands. In this pose, slowly count down aloud from 30 to 0. Each time you count down, make your asshole twitch. Twerk: Twerk with your hands on your knees, facing the camera. I don't like to Twerk in small increments. I prefer a Twerk that hits your butt hard one time at a time. Count down each time you Twerk, from 100 to 0. You are a strong woman, so never plead with them, just glare at the camera and count down in a strong tone of voice." From a custom vid

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