Pity Sex For Hubby Pity Sex For Hubby
Dec 13, 2022 0   606

Pity Sex For Hubby


It's been a long time since I let you fuck me, hubby. I know you're really horny and I'm starting to feel bad for you, so I guess we can do it. You have to put on a condom, though. Some other guys came in my pussy yesterday (and earlier today) so you can use their cum like lube. Huh? Did you put your dick in me? I don't even feel it! This is going to be boring ... Hey, since I'm giving you pity sex and you can't get mad at me right now, I guess I can tell you all about the guys I've been fucking lately. Actually, I've become the neighbourhood cum dumpster. You didn't know that? It's true. I've been fucking all the neighbours. I started fucking your friends, too, in this very bed that we lay in together at night. And every single one of them has given me a creampie. I think I'll start fucking your co-workers next. How does it feel knowing that every guy in the world could fuck and cum in your wife ... but you have to wear a condom? Don't you wish you could know what my pussy feels like without that thin layer of latex? Keep imagining, because I'll never let you find out. Now cum into the condom ... your best friend just texted me and I want to go get a creampie.

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