Pink Metal Baseball Bat - Girl Power Pink Metal Baseball Bat - Girl Power
Mar 02, 2023 0   156

Pink Metal Baseball Bat - Girl Power

Profesional Porn

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My extreme anal slave demonstrates his talents yet again! Watch as I tie his cock up with white & pink rope... while wearing long, elbow length PINK rubber cleaning gloves. I place him on the floor on his hands and knees and reach inside his anal cavity, and find that he has already been stretching himself out -- a large squash (his favorite!) wrapped in a condom pops out after just a few moment of tugging & teasing... Eventually, I give him a thorough prostate exam & stimulation. (But, I do not milk him out completely....) And then, after he is sufficiently aroused & lubricated... I insert a HUGE metal baseball bat into his excited asshole! Must be seen to believed. At the end, I order him to show off a few naughty stunts for me. Oh, and his balls are tied up tight the whole damn time!

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