He Gets Totally Screwed He Gets Totally Screwed
Mar 02, 2023 0   167

He Gets Totally Screwed

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I had not seen my beloved creativeanalsub in almost two years, so upon our re-union I had to treat his ass to a deep training session -- breaking in all my new toys on his butthole! Join us for the highlights of our session, including the ""Screw You"" from SplitPeaches, the ""Seahorse"" from Mr Hankey Toys, and the ""Intense"" from Servant Sex Toys. My little hands and my arsenal of asshole stretching toys soon take him from a neglected, unused fuckhole to a nice well-used, loose and open gaping hole! Nothing in this scene is scripted. This is an authentic, relaxed asshole stretching session between two old friends, and as such it will be amateur, hand-cammed & very real.  Enjoy it today in stunning 1080p HD.

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