Coffee Enema - Corked With Squash Coffee Enema - Corked With Squash
Mar 02, 2023 0   187

Coffee Enema - Corked With Squash

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My first enema clip I ever made, back again for your enjoyment! My creativeanalsub is subjected to a series of cleansing water enemas, bent over in the shower, and stuffed with objects to expel along with the stream of water. I "cork" him with large fresh squash and even another one of our evil DIY homemade buttplug toys. I finish with over two quarts of coffee that I have him retain, "plugged" with a huge squash, until he can no longer and lets it all explode back out of him. The equipment used: Simple enema bag & tubing, shower enema device, squash, homemade anal toys.

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