Domme-y Mattel Domme-y Mattel
Mar 28, 2023 0   227

Domme-y Mattel

Profesional Porn

from the best studios

Well hey there, little pig. I know its scary waking up, finding yourself tied to a chair, unable to see where you are and whats about to happen to you. But, it’s okay, i can assure you that it won’t be too long till youre begging me to stay prisoner up here in my attic. Watch as I mercilessly mentally fuck your brains out, manipulate you, tease you, and make you play my game. If you can sit by as I strip, smoke & play with myself in front of you without a squeal leaving your lips or a drop falling from between your legs, and prove this isnt the life you want, then you can go. But I think you and I both know this is exactly what you need. **This is the first of a series to be continued**

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